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Frogs & Communication

The frog, Odorrana tormota, is the only known animal in the world that can manipulate its hearing system to select particular frequencies.

Two-way radios allow your workforce to stay in contact and work toward a common goal of getting the job done - on time and on target.

How To Buy The Right Two-Way Radio

It is very easy to match up the right radio for you.  Ask yourself these simple questions:

How far away do you need to talk?

Range is the most important aspect of making sure you get the right radio for your needs.  Two-way radios can have a range of anywhere from 2 to 14 miles.  However, output power levels and obstacles can affect the actual range of your conversation.  So, make sure you get a radio that will talk as far as you need it to.

What is your budget?

Radios can cost from $20 to $100 or more.  If you need to talk a very short range, the less expensive radios may work for you.  However, we strongly recommend that you put the majority of your budget behind purchasing radios with the most power and range you can afford.
What features do you need?

Look it over and make sure the radios you have selected fit your ?needs,? and have all the features you want.  After all, surveys indicate that most people feel that range is the most important feature to consider when deciding on the right radio.

Where are you going to use these radios?

Be sure to pick the most powerful radio, with the longest range possible, with your business' security in mind.

We guarantee seamless operation.


Our Technicians will match your existing Two-Way Radio frequencies to any two-way radio you purchase from us, guaranteeing seamless operation between old and new radios.



Is Your Business Ready?
Mandatory FCC radio narrowbanding deadlines are approaching- make sure your customers are aware:
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FCC Narrowbanding Requirements
Norman Communications will help you inventory your current equipment to ascertain what can be converted to 12.5 kHz and what will need to be replaced before December 2012 so you are in compliance by the deadline of January 1, 2013

RE Magazine Ad
Icom will have an ad in the December issue of the Electric Cooperative Industry's RE Magazine. Check it out!
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Need help trying to decide which radio to buy? Check out the At-A-Glance sheet to help choose the best fit for your business needs.
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