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Telemetry / SCADA

Norman Communications installs and services equipment specifically designed to the specifications of the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems. Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) can provide you with turnkey solutions that include a large number of RTUs, versatile control centers, third party smart sensors, IEDs, and virtually any process controller unit. We engineer controls specifically designed as an expandable SCADA system to help you enhance the performance of your remote installations.

Rental Equipment

Norman Communications offers high quality two way radios equipment for rental, including;
portable two way radios, mobile two way radios, repeaters, headsets, speaker mics and batteries.

This is also a good solution for long term construction projects, in many cases the equipment you would rent for this job may not be a viable solution for the next, you want a clean break from the end of this project and the beginning of the next ? rental equipment solves this problem.

Rental Solutions

Job Locations - Need Radio Equipment for an in-plant location?  We offer large quantities of ISO-rate or Non ISO rated two-way radio equipment available.  We will work with your plant manager to coordinate needs with mobile, handhelds, batteries, repeaters, headsets, speaker mics and cases.

Event rentals - take the problem with event coordination down a notch or two with two-way radio equipment. Because Norman Communications has only a two day minimum on a small quantity of rental equipment it works great for conference type events. Keeps you in touch with the people that have answers to situations that commonly arise. Also serves well for other services at the event such as Security & Parking Attendants. When everyone can talk the event runs smooth.

FCC Licensing

Norman Communications works closely with a licensed frequency coordinator on current FCC licensing requirements. We can efficiently assist you with new applications, renewals, relocations, and modifications as well as help you prepare for the future.

Equipment Repair and Service

Repair services are available at your location, or ours, with all the needed test equipment and parts for most routine repairs. Our staff is qualified to service your most basic portable and mobile equipment through the most complicated of systems.

Site Surveys - Path Profiles

Norman Communications is routinely involved in system planning from the conception stage. In many cases this requires certain evaluations of the possible sites being considered for your project. This can be possible tower sites or simply where to locate equipment in a campus environment.


Norman Communications has been involved in many types of installation projects. They range in area from local to multiple states. If you are looking for an install team that can implement a large fleet scattered over large territories we have done them before.

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We are first and foremost a service company. Wireless communications systems are quite technical in nature, and in order to fulfill end-user needs with such systems, technical service expertise is a must. We feel that anybody can sell a product, but not everybody can properly apply that product in a particular application and make it perform technically. When you choose Norman Communications, Inc. as your wireless communications systems provider, you can rest assured that you are getting the right product with the
best technical support possible.