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We are your PLC Repair Specialist!

PLC repair is what we do best at Norman Communications. In most cases repair is a more economical decision than replacement. Many of today's industrial control systems include some type of programmable logic-controller. Therefore, these PLCs tend to play an essential role in the proper operation of various processes because the data they manipulate is vital. When a PLC fails, finding a practical solution can be very expensive and time consuming. In some cases, replacing the faulty programmable logic controller is not an option, since a suitable replacement may not be available.  Our technicians are willing to work with you to help evaluate your specific solution.

Programmable Logic Controller Repair & Testing Facility

Norcom has an extensive in-house testing facility to ensure that the products we repair meet the OEM's original specifications. Let our talented staff of engineers and experienced technicians repair and refurbish your PLC. We offer personalized service, reliability, dependability, and quality to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

PLC Repair Services include:

Complete Repair/ Testing

Environmental Testing

Superior customer and technical support

Free Product evaluations

End of Life Manufacturing specialists

Design Modifications

Norman Communications, Inc. offers you devices and systems for all tasks of process automation.

Process measuring or registration devices, process controllers, analyzers, programmable logic controllers, actuators or process control systems:  Norman Techs use the major brands of high end devices and systems for process technology.  They are not only excellently adapted to the dynamics of individual processes, but also guarantee a perfect coordination.

Our devices and systems are designed for possible extension. They will allow you to profit from future technical advances and expansions.

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We are experienced with many Programmable Logic Controller Manufacturers:

Allen Bradley


GE Fanuc

Automation Direct





And Many, Many More

Other Products We Repair:

Military Electronics

Analog/Digital PCB

Linear, Switching and other Power Supplies

Laboratory Test Equipment

RF Amplifiers

Touch Screens & Monitors

Porprietary Control Panels