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Frogs & Communication

The frog (and the first non-mammalian vertebrate) has demonstrated to both produce and perceive ultrasonic frequencies. These frogs' preferred habitat is adjacent to rapidly moving water which produces perpetual low-frequency background noise. Thus, the use of high-frequency calls is believed to facilitate interspecific communication within the frogs' noisy environment.

We are first and foremost a service company. Wireless communications systems are quite technical in nature, and in order to fulfill end-user needs with such systems, technical service expertise is a must. We feel that anybody can sell a product, but not everybody can properly apply that product in a particular application and make it perform technically. When you choose Norman Communications, Inc. as your wireless communications systems provider, you can rest assured that you are getting the right product with the best technical support possible.
Norman Communications, Inc. started business in 1976.  For 33 years our main goal has been to provide our customers the best service possible.  Great customer service combined with hard working, dependable equipment has helped our business grow into an authority in the Radio Frequency Communications Field.
  • BS&W Monitor Repair
  • UHF, VHF, Amateur, Aviation, CB Radios
  • Radio and Equipment Rentals
  • Gas Monitoring Equipment
  • PLC Programming and Parts
  • Microwave Systems
  • Data Acquisition and Controls
Our employees are equipped with a full regiment of service vehicles and technical service equipment for the performance of our work. Our technical staff is recognized by the many manufacturers we represent as being among the best in the country. Norman wireless communications systems sales specialists whose expertise in radio communications and wireless data systems is second to none.

You name it, if it has a current, we can usually fix it economically, reprogram it, or accessorize it!

Norman Communications is an Authorized Service Repair Center for Icom America, Inc., based in Bellevue, Washington, USA.  The Norman's are also Land Mobile Dealers for ICOM.

Midland and Maxon America are also in our offerings of Two-Way Radios.  Norman Communications, Inc. represents this company as a Factory Authorized Warranty and Repair Center.

Our customers come from all over the United States, from all walks of life:  Public Safety, Municipalities, State Government and Rural Government.  Private Sector growth in Oil and Gas, Energy and Agriculture are also important contributors to our economy.

We Specialize in Our Customer's Service



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Mandatory FCC radio narrowbanding deadlines are approaching- make sure your customers are aware:
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